Command and Control

MPB-SICK-1001 - MPB Satellite Integration Communication Kit - 35 - 50 Users

Cutting Edge Satellite Communication

MPB Satellite Integration Communication Kits are tailored to the C4I requirements of the tactical Satellite community. Offering deployable secured satellite communications for voice, video, and data via lightweight, commercial air-transportable kits.

MSRP $750,000.00

MPB-RICK-2001 – MPB Radio Integration Communication Kit

Rugged and Secure

Interoperable Solutions for all communications platforms, including HF, VHF, UHF, 700/800 MHz, cellular and satellite phones.

MSRP $575,000.00

MPB-TMK-1 - MPB Tactical Operation (TOC) Monitoring Kit

Rapid Deployment

MPB Expeditionary Tactical Operations Monitoring Kits are custom tailored to the communication requirements of the Tactical Operations Center. Offering onsite and remote monitoring with network connectivity via Mobile Broadband 4G/LTE, Satellite Backhaul, Iridium connectivity and Enhanced Auto-Acquire LTE extension tools. Lightweight, commercial air-transportable kits.

MSRP $85,000.00

MPB-EOK-1 – MPB Expeditionary Observation Kit (mEOK)

Portable, Rugged, Easy to Install and Network Ready

MPB Expeditionary Observation Kit (mEOK) are rapidly deployable self-contained surveillance system custom designed for small teams and remote locations. mEOK is a stand-alone surveillance system that has been designed to be portable, rugged, cost effective, easy to install in the field, and easy to maintain. mEOK provides networking, remote viewing and control capabilities.

MSRP $230,000.00

MPB-SAT-PH-IR - MPB Satellite Phone


MPB Satellite Phone - Iridium handheld phone, compact, lightweight and rugged. Military-Grade (MIL-STD 810F) durability, dust-proof, shock-resistant and water resistant. Secure communication capable.

MSRP $4,500.00

MPB-TOC-IR-1 - MPB Tactical Operation Center (TOC) Kit

Portable and Rugged

MPB Tactical Operation Center (TOC) Kit - Iridium 9575A Handheld secure sleeve docking cradle with POTS support. Passive antenna and mounting L - bracket, ruggedized transportable case with power connection accessories.

MSRP $6,500.00


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